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Chemical Boundary Collection

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The Redbrick Molecular Chemical Boundary Collection

The Redbrick Molecular Chemical Boundary Collection is a library of small organic molecules suitable for high-throughput screening (HTS) discovery chemistry.

Our company mission is to support the discovery of new pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and materials through the supply of novel compounds that push the boundaries of chemical space. Our Chemical Boundary Collection comprises HTS compounds that are created from our most attractive and novel scaffolds.  It also contains some of the latest compounds produced in UK-academia.

The Chemical Boundary Collection is a non-exclusive library, but further materials are also available from our large virtual database of synthesisable products.

Compound Design

Design and synthesis of novel chemical scaffolds and building blocks is core to our business, so the majority of the structures in the Chemical Boundary Collection are synthesised from our library of highly-attractive building blocks.

We have strong relationships with some of the UK’s top universities.  We collaborate with academics to invent and develop new synthetic routes to exciting 3D scaffolds.  We use these scaffolds to design attractive collections of HTS compounds that meet the strict filtering criteria applied by drug discovery researchers.

Compound Synthesis – Quality

Compounds are synthesised using parallel synthesis methods and quality is assured using NMR and HPLC analysis.  We target a minimum purity of 90% with average at 95%.

No reach through IP claims

The Redbrick Molecular Chemical Boundary Collection is a convenient way of accessing the novel chemistry under development in UK academia, but without the usual restrictive reach-through IP rights.  Purchasing screening compounds from Redbrick Molecular is a simple business-to-business transaction.

Compound Format and Delivery

Redbrick uses a world leading compound management and shipping service partner to manage the logistics of storing, plating and delivering screening collections.

Our standard format is 10uL at 10mM on 96/384 well plate, but these can be reformatted to suit your screening setup.  We price our materials on a ‘per-plate’ basis so that customers have the freedom to select compounds from across our collection.  The standard price for a single 384 well plate is £998 incl. delivery.  Alternative plate layouts are available, please contact us if you have a different requirement.

Individual solid samples are available at 2mg for £40 per sample (+ £100 delivery for orders under 25 compounds).

Please contact us to discuss your requirements for compound delivery.

Library or Hit Expansion

Customers often have their own, in-house compound design and synthesis tools to produce screening collections.  The building blocks and scaffolds used in our Chemical Boundary Collection are all available to purchase at multi-gram scale for Hit expansion or further library design.

Please contact us if you would like to see more details on our building blocks and scaffolds.

Accessing the Redbrick Molecular Chemical Boundary Collection

Compounds in the Chemical Boundary Collection can be purchased on a non-exclusive basis.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss options for bespoke synthesis of exclusive libraries.

Academic Collaborations and in-kind contributions

Redbrick Molecular was established by The Universities of Leeds and Sheffield in 2017.  We are proud to be wholly owned by our University members and welcome contact from academic researchers with an interest in drug discovery.  We offer an academic discount on our screening compounds and are also interested in discussing collaborative project.

WeightPrice (GBP)
1 x 384 well plate, 10uL at 10uM per sample. User selects compounds£998 per plate
Solid sample, individual vials - 2mg£40 per compound (excl. delivery)
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