Tanshinone I analogous

Tanshinone I, Tanshinon I, Tanshinone A, Tanshinquinone I

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276.291 g/mol


Tanshinone I and its analogues

Salvia miltiorrhiza is a Chinese medicinal plant (Danshen) that is a source of the active compound Tanshinone I (TS1).  Literature evidence shows that this phenanthrenequinone compound has pharmacological activity and is therefore interesting as a research tool for breast cancer growth or metastasis, as well as promoting apoptosis.  Tanshinone I and tanshinone analogues have also been demonstrated to inhibit amyloid aggregation.  Tanshinone I is available from Redbrick Molecular as well as numerous commercial vendors. We hope that researchers will engage with us because we can also provide convenient access to a number of analogues and derivatives of complementary structure that may be useful in biological assay development.

Natural products as inspiration for drug discovery

Natural products are an incredibly useful resource for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical research industries.  Natural products can be both a source of treatment for otherwise neglected diseases and an inspirational starting point for a new drug discovery and development project.  Testing chemical analogues of these materials can also inform mechanistic studies so we are pleased to offer a collection of products based on the Tanshinone I structure.

Products available through Redbrick Molecular

Researchers in the Jones group at University of Sheffield have developed synthetic routes to access a range of Tanshinone I analogues and derivatives that are now available to purchase through Redbrick Molecular either individually or as a collection.  We can supply fluorinated and oxidised compounds as well as fragmented structures.  Compounds are available at 2 mg to 5 mg scale and so are suitable for early stage in-vitro biological assays.  Prices can be found below.

Please click on the Documents tab below for a PDF detailing the compounds we have available.  We can also share an SD File with you.

Please also contact us if you would like to find out more about potential collaborations with the Jones research group.

WeightPrice (GBP)
Tanshinone I - 5mg (limited stock)50
Other analogues - 5mg200
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