Redbrick Molecular is launching today!

Redbrick Molecular Ltd., a new spinout company that is pioneering an innovative approach to the commercialisation of cutting edge synthetic organic chemistry, invented in academia, has been launched by the University of Leeds and University of Sheffield.

The new company is uniquely positioned to sell novel building block and scaffold chemicals manufactured from synthetic methodologies licensed from partner universities.  The company’s mission – to build scientific and economic benefits by supporting the UK’s chemical science research – is the foundation of Redbrick’s decision to dedicate all company profits to the funding of academic research in chemistry.

Redbrick Molecular’s chemical catalogues are strategically designed for use in industrial drug discovery research and development.  The company specialises in providing access to previously unexplored areas of chemical space to enhance the development of customers’ in-house chemical inventories.

Redbrick Molecular partners closely with Universities to identify commercially valuable chemistry before licensing and manufacturing these at industry quality levels. The company dedicates all profits from sales of these products to support future UK chemistry research through grant funding projects at its member institutions. Redbrick Molecular sits perfectly at the interface between industrial customers and academia to facilitate collaboration and achieve knowledge exchange, commercial exploitation and value for all parties.

Redbrick Molecular’s unique business model was conceived with input from industry leaders and academics alike who wished to improve and secure chemistry research in the UK, and see this research, in use, in industry to develop life-saving medicines.  The venture was conceived with significant input from Professor Simon Jones (University of Sheffield) and industrialist Dr David Lathbury and is now further supported by the world leading expertise of Professors Joe Harrity (University of Sheffield), Steve Marsden and Adam Nelson (both of University of Leeds), among others. The company will actively seek to build on this base by forming relationships with other Higher Education Institutions as both licensors and future company members.

Professor Simon Jones, member of the Science Advisory Group said: “This is a great opportunity to showcase the innovative science going on in UK chemistry departments and to clearly demonstrate the commercial impact of this at an international level.”

Andy Hogben, Managing Director of Redbrick Molecular said: “Redbrick is specifically designed to act as a conduit between academic and industrial research. We focus on delivering industrial-grade products that are attractive to medicinal chemists working in research and development whilst supporting our academic partners to develop exciting new chemistry.”

Andy Duley, Director of Innovation Services at University of Leeds said: “Commercialisation is an essential path to obtaining impact from our research. Our investment in Redbrick Molecular demonstrates Leeds’ commitment to identifying innovative routes to achieve research translation and knowledge exchange.”

Redbrick Molecular Launch – Downloadable Version

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